Julie Klassen Books

Julie Klassen Book LIST (in order / by series)

Other books (Stand-alone):

  • The Apothecary’s Daughter (2009) – with Lilly
  • The Painter’s Daughter (2015) – with Sophie Dupont / Stephen Overtree
  • The Secret of Pembrooke Park (2014) – with Abigail Foster
  • Lady Maybe (2015)
  • The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill (2016) – with Jane / Thora
  • The Ladies of Ivy Cottage (2017) – with Rachel Ashford / Mercy Grove
  • The Girl in the Gatehouse (2010) – with Mariah Aubrey / Bryant
  • Lady of Milkweed Manor (2007) – with Charlotte Lamb
  • The Dancing Master (2013) – with Alec Valcourt / Julia Midwinter
  • The Tutor’s Daughter (2013) – with Emma Smallwood / Phillip / Henry
  • The Maid of Fairbourne Hall (2012) – with Margaret
  • The Silent Governess (2009) – with Olivia Keene / Bradley

No movies / TV Series from the books (for the moment).

Type of books / work – historical fiction

Born – 1964


  1. Good day!! I just wanted to express my delight in the two books, The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill & The ladies of Ivy Hill; as I have found with all of your books, it takes abit of time to grow accustomed to the characters but they grow on you and you become apart of the story and become enamoured with the characters. I grew to love Jane Bell, and her special relationship with her mother-in-law Thora Bell, who surprised me to no end…….she became very amiable!! many characters were introduced in the first book and I was pleased that they continued into the second book, taking up with Rachel & Sir Timothy and carrying their relationship forward. I was pleased that their relationship resulted in their marriage but was piqued when the story came to an end and Jane & Gabriel Locke’s relationship was left with….”I’m not going anywhere Jane. I love you, no matter what the future brings, and I will wait.” With a gentle squeeze of her hand, he was gone!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was devastated until I read in the Discussion Questions #8 What are you looking forward to in Book 3 of the Tales from Ivy hill series…………….thank goodness! There is still the unfinished business of Mercy & Mr. Kingsley, Alice & Mr. Drake and I feel as though I have left the family high & dry!! Please let me know when this third book will be out! I have read all of your books and I certainly look forward to this next read in the Ivy Hill series. Thank you for giving me hours & hours of pleasurable reading, I have enjoyed each and every character (even Thora Talbot, who had a wonderful man in her life to help her soften!)

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